For the past 45 years Kelsall and Associates have offered a full spectrum range of Professional Business Administration Services to Vancouver Island and beyond.

As a member of the Independent Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, you can expect the best of services provided by highly skilled people. Our services are available either at our office or your premises if required.


45 Years

The Cat and its' Nine Lives

Long ago, in the time of ancient Egypt, there was a strong belief in the power and efficacy of magic. Consequently, people set themselves up as magicians, and acted as though they could make magical things happen. The ancient Egyptians were a very religious people, and believed that life manifested through 9 "rays," or channels of creation.

Felines were reputed to be very sensitive to these invisible "magic" energies, and so every house had at least one cat in it to alert the inhabitants to the presence of unfriendly magic forces. Since there were 9 energies, cats were believed to have 9 lives.
The Cat
While we may not be interested in where folklore originated, it usually has its roots in something that actually happened, no matter how long ago. This amusing little story illustrates why the cat will always protect you. We chose the cat as the symbol for Kelsall & Associates to emphasize the importance we place on integrity, confidentiality and reliability. You can always trust Kelsall & Associates.


Sage 50 Accounting Certified Gold ConsultantWe are please to announce that Ricki Kelsall has received her certifications, not only as a gold level Sage 50 Accounting Consultant but also as a Certified Trainer for Canada’s # 1 entry level accounting program.Sage 50 Accounting Certified Trainer

Kelsall & Associates is a member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada.IPBC Professional Bookkeeper

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